Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I check my appointment schedule?

Log in to and search for Excellence In Fitness. This will land you on our site. Or search ‘MindBody’ in the app store on your smart device. You can also view your Account Details such as Visit/Payment History, Remaining Visits and associated Expiration Date.

2. Should I do a warm-up before my training session?

Yes. We highly recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment and performing your Individualized Dynamic Warmup.

3. How do I change or cancel my appointment?

You can make changes in person or call the studio directly 410-266-6688.  If you call, press 2 immediately and be sure to leave us a message. This will speed up the process. We kindly ask that you do not email or text any staff member for appointment changes. We check our voicemail frequently and will accommodate your request in a timely manner. Please refer to our cancelation policy for more details.

4. What is a CAR?

At EIF, we assign every client a Client Accountability Representative (CAR) to ensure your success. Although you will be training with many different coaches, there will be one person who is responsible for your Ultimate Personal Training Experience. This includes performing measurements at regular intervals, nutritional recommendations, program design and giving out exercise “homework.”

5. Will I be charged for my appointment if I am sick?

Yes. However, we are also human and do understand that people do get sick and will consider your request on a case to case basis. We will allow one “free sick cancel” per agreement. We do believe that our 12-hour cancelation policy should allow you enough time to know whether you can make it to your scheduled appointment.

6. Can I book my own appointments online?

Yes. But only for additional weekly visits. These appointments do not replace your regular recurring appointments. You can log into your MindBody account, check availability and book your appointments up to 24 hours in advance. Once you book your appointment, it will be considered a “final sale” and you will not be able to cancel or change this appointment. One session will automatically be deducted from your current package.

7. Do my personal training sessions expire?

Yes. Your package and pricing agreement is directly associated with the amount of sessions you purchase, weekly frequency and your scheduled reserved times. We are dedicated to holding you accountable to reach your goals in a timely manner. We are also committed to hiring and maintaining the most qualified and sought-after staff in the area and believe we need to respect their schedules and time as well. If you are quickly approaching your expiration date, please feel free to gift your sessions to family members and friends, but they must be used before the expiration date on your agreement.

8. Can I use the equipment at EIF when I don’t have a scheduled appointment?

No. However, we do encourage and allow you to come up to 1 hour before or stay 1 hour after your scheduled appointments (depending on the time of day) to use the cardio equipment (only) unsupervised. We kindly ask that you limit it to use directly before or after your scheduled appointment times and please yield to clients working with his/her EIF Professional Fitness Coach.

9. How can I earn FREE appointments and FREE EIF merchandise?

At EIF, we think your dedication to your health and wellness deserves to be rewarded. For every appointment you attend, new customer you refer and more, we will reward you! Simply sign up here:

10. What is EIF’s Inclement Weather Policy?

Please visit our FaceBook page at for our most current status. You do not need to be a member of FaceBook to view this page.

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