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voted best personal trainers 8 consecutive years
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The Ultimate Personal Training Experience

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Our award-winning trainers are held to the highest standard of excellence, unmatched in the Baltimore-Washington-Annapolis area.

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Experience revolutionary fitness training at EIF, where we deliver the quickest, safest results using our exclusive Body of Excellence™ training program.

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Our no-hassle studios are distraction-free and meticulously maintained for your privacy and comfort.


At EIF, we are here for you.

We believe your time and health are extremely valuable. That’s why we maximize your fitness levels while simultaneously reducing your workout time. We help our clients realize their fitness goals in just minutes per week.

We train hundreds of people in the Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington DC area, helping them to achieve dramatic improvements in the way they feel, look and perform using our exclusive Body of Excellence™ training program. 

at excellence in fitness, our mission is:

To educate, motivate and empower our clients to achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals. We strive to help our clients be the very best they can be inside, and out.  

Hear more about EIF directly from founder, Joe Aben:

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get to know joe

EIF Founder, Joe Aben grew up in southern Anne Arundel County on a 25-acre buffalo farm and attended St. Mary’s Elementary School in Annapolis, MD.  His parents’ passion for physical fitness naturally trickled down to Joe with early involvement in lacrosse, 

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track, soccer and basketball.  He quickly learned the importance of physical fitness for peak performance on the playing field.  Joe attended prestigious DeMatha Catholic High School where he lettered in lacrosse and football.  Through years of consistent, hard work, Joe earned a full athletic scholarship to the University of Virginia, where he lettered in varsity football.

Upon graduating from UVa, Joe was certified as a Conditioning Specialist and Fitness Instructor through John Philbin and the National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA).  John Philbin, founder and president of NSPA, was also head coach for the 1984 Winter Olympic Teams and current strength and conditioning coach for the Washington Nationals.  Joe also studied and trained under Bob Whelan, former military powerlifting champion and off-season conditioning consultant to the Boston Celtics, at Whelan Strength Training (WST) in Washington, D.C.- one of the most challenging and comprehensive personal strength training programs in the world.  Joe was the Fitness Director at Edgewater Fitness and Aerobics in Maryland from 1996 to 1998. There he trained his own clients as well as managed the staff of fitness instructors.  He is certified as a Medical Exercise Specialist with the American Academy of Health and Fitness Professionals.  He has authored articles published in Your Health magazine and has also been featured in Hardgainer journal.  Joe was a featured speaker at the 6th Annual Capital City Strength Clinic and has also lectured on many other topics pertaining to health and fitness. 

In 1998, he founded ProFitness, Inc. -a unique personal training business that provided on-site fitness instruction.  His approach to fitness – building strength and endurance by focusing on form and function – attracted dozens of clients.  As demand grew, Joe found himself increasingly “booked up.”  He created Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios (EIF), specializing in exclusive, one-on-one professional fitness coaching in 2004 to answer growing client demand.  Over the last ten (plus) years, he created and implemented the Body of Excellence training method, assisting thousands of clients to achieve mind-blowing results.  Joe has successfully managed and developed an elite team of personal trainers who have been voted by the Baltimore-Washington community as the “Best Personal Trainers” for seven consecutive years.  EIF’s holistic approach to fitness has also garnered awards for “Best Nutrition Program,” as well as “Best Overall Workout,” “Best Weight-Loss Center” and “Best Gym Facilities.”

Joe has been married to his childhood schoolmate, Erin, for over fifteen years.  They share a passion for exercise, music and spending quality time with their 3 kids.  He also enjoys coaching numerous sports for Crofton Athletic Council, bowling, cooking, fishing and good times with good friends.
meet co-founder, erin aben

Erin grew up in Annapolis, MD and attended St. Mary’s Elementary School with her husband Joe.  She jokes that she always knew she would marry him. She attended Severn High School in Severna Park and it was not until after graduating from Boston College in 

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1995 that she and Joe connected again, started dating, and got married.

Erin enjoyed a childhood sailing with her parents on weekends and attending sailing camps in the summer.  In college, she raced dinghies competitively and captained the Varsity Women’s Sailing Team.

After graduating from Boston College, she worked for Rueben H. Donnelly selling ads for The One Book Yellow Pages. She was very successful selling but yearned to get back into the sailing industry so she accepted a position selling vacation charters for Sunsail.

Much like sailing, Erin has always been extremely passionate about relationships and people.  She received her Master’s degree in Social Work in 2001 and began working with children with autism.  After she and Joe had their third child, Erin decided to stay home and put all of her energy into raising their children. This also enabled her to work from home and devote more time to the internal workings of Excellence In Fitness. Erin has been a vital part of the growth and success of EIF and especially loves interacting with the clients and coaches.

When Erin has free time, you can find her with family and friends. She secretly enjoys shuttling her children to and from ballet, lacrosse, football, soccer, drum lessons, guitar lessons, and school activities. Erin also loves to travel and study God’s Word.

EIF. The Ultimate 
Personal Training Experience

Let’s cut to the chase.

WE provide a complete full-body, high intensity, strength training program performed by experienced, educated trainers in a private and clinically controlled environment. It’s called Body of Excellence™.

YOU will love the results: improved body composition, decreased chance of injury, increased strength, flexibility, cardiovascular condition, and a zillion more healthy benefits!


how does it work?

EIF's exclusive Body of Excellence™ training program consists of reserved scheduled appointment times where you meet and train 1-on-1 with your personal fitness coach

We establish a recurring appointment schedule with a minimum of 2 weekly workouts to prioritize your fitness goals, optimize your exercise time and hold you accountable to getting the best results possible. 

There is a 4 to 6 month initial commitment with the option of ½ hour or 1-hour workouts. We customize the program to your specific needs: weight lossstrength trainingphysical rehabilitationsports conditioning and more.

the team

Rockstar Trainers. Major League Results.

Voted Best Trainers for eight consecutive years by What's Up? Annapolis and What's Up? West County.

Each member of our elite team is professionally trained in accordance with EIF's exclusive Body of Excellence™ training program, providing our clients with the safest and most effective personal training. Excellence in Fitness trainers take the time to get to know your needs and understand what you can and cannot do. Our professional staff is held to a high standard of excellence and integrity both on and off the job.

meet the team . . .

Kris S.


Kris joined the Excellence In Fitness team in 2012, bringing with him a vast knowledge of health and fitness. Born in Lexington, KY, and living all over the states, Kris fell in love with soccer at an early age. He played for multiple club and travel teams throughout his youth and into his high school career.

Upon graduation from Banks County High school in Georgia, having lettered in football and soccer, Kris enlisted into the United States Marine Corps.  In his four years with the Marine Corps as an infantryman, Kris served with 1st F.A.S.T. (Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team), and 1st LAR (Light Armored Reconnaissance). Having developed a deeper love for fitness and learning a wide variety of techniques and training styles from his fellow Marines, Kris wanted to further his education in the health and fitness field. Pursuing his degree in Exercise Science, Kris has become certified as a personal trainer through ACE as well as through EIF’s Body of Excellence™ program. He is also certified in CPR/AED through AHA.

Kris has discovered a newfound love for triathlons. Having competed in multiple already, he plans to complete a full Iron Man by his 35th birthday.  Kris is a valued team member at EIF and believes that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle far outweigh the physical, capturing the mental and emotional rewards as well. Through hard work, perseverance, and accountability, anything is possible.


Tony H.


Anthony “Tony” Harley, born and raised in Harwood, has always had a passion for sports and fitness. That love started at an early age when he started playing basketball for Galesville, a small town near Harwood. For many years he was an athlete only, never exposed to any one on one training except the special attention he received from his coaches and older family members. Sports were a mainstay in his life all the way through Southern High School where he played basketball, football and religiously lived in the weight room. While attending college in Lakeland, Florida, Tony began studying physical education and that lead him to continuing his education beyond the average curriculum.

Tony began working at the Nina B. Hollis Wellness Center on campus and excelled as a student fitness instructor. Upon returning home, he quickly got a job at Bowie Sport Fit and continued his love for working out and training. While still working in Bowie, Tony received a great opportunity to work in the chiropractic field, which went hand in hand because he was continually expanding his knowledge of the human body. After much extensive training in the chiropractic field and sitting before the Maryland Chiropractors Board of Examiners, Tony became a licensed Chiropractic Technician and spent four years at Advanced Chiropractic Center in Crofton. During those years he became very particular about proper body mechanics and that led him to educate many patients on the importance of exercise and stretching. Tony spent some time in Upper Marlboro coaching boys age 10-12 basketball and his practices where known to be pretty intense, maybe that’s why in the first season his boys only lost 1 game. In order to further his education,

Tony began studying for the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) Certified Personal Trainer Exam and passed it with flying colors. Armed with those two great certifications and energy through the roof, he started training clients in Severna Park, producing great results for his clients, and hasn’t looked back since.In addition to those previous certifications, Tony is also a Level one C.O.R.E. Instructor and has plans to add as many letters as possible to the end of his name. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, playing sports, and coaching his four nephews. With his ambition and wealth of knowledge in the health and fitness industry, his number one priority is making sure everyone of his clients obtain all of their specific goals utilizing the Body of Excellence™ program here at Excellence In Fitness.


David H.


David Hicks has been with the EIF team for over five years. David has worked with a variety of clientele while specializing in high intensity training (HIT), overall weight loss and strength training. Using EIF’s Body of Excellence Program, he develops a customized training program for every individual. Based upon the personal needs of every individual client, he incorporates various elements of a specially designed formula to achieve desired goals for everyone to reach their optimal potential.  

David has a Bachelor’s degree in Sport’s and Health Sciences, and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology. Along with helping people achieve their personal goals, David currently is the head coach for wrestling at Annapolis High School. Along with coaching, he is the co-founder of The Bullseye School of wrestling, also located in Annapolis, MD. Having been involved in wrestling for over twenty-two years, David has studied under World Champion and Olympic medalist, Coach Terry Brands. Being a part of the great sport of wrestling has taught him the importance of dedication and determination and believes that these reasons are the determinate in achieving your goals and overcoming any obstacle and the true success of life. This is the foundation of his philosophy and the core element of his being and the reason all EIF clients are successful and achieve their personal goals.

David is a Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, and American Heart Association CPR/AED Certified. He is a wonderful addition to the to the Excellence In Fitness Team.


Daniel H.

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Daniel brings a vast knowledge of nutrition & fitness to the EIF team. He is certified through EIF’s Body of Excellence program along with CPR/AED certified.  Daniel’s passion for nutrition and health sparked when he was diagnosed with high blood pressure at the age of 22.  He was told that he would need to be on medication for the rest of his life.

From that moment on, a permanent lifestyle change was set into motion. Nutrition, along with exercise, became increasingly important to living a healthy life.  Over the years, he made the necessary changes by incorporating proper strength training and healthy eating to naturally lower his blood pressure to become medicine free.  He continues his passion for health and fitness at EIF by helping others achieve similar goals.  Daniel believes a strong mind and body allows you to excel in all aspects of life.


Scott H.

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Scott Harrell was born in Long Island, New York and graduated from Kingston High School located in the Hudson Valley of upstate NY in 1984. Scott was a three-sport athlete throughout his high school career, playing soccer, wrestling and track at the varsity levels. His passion for one-on-one competition which began at the age of 8, lead him to focus on track and wrestling as his main sports where he excelled as a state level competitor in both.

As a sprinter in track, Scott competed in the 4×100 relay and 100 and 200 meters dashes. In his junior year, his 4×100 meter relay team took third place in the NYPSAA State track meet. Scott also competed as a long jumper and triple jumper and was a divisional long jump champion with a jump of 22′-2.”

While track was a huge part of Scott’s life as a young athlete, wrestling proved to be his first love. As a wrestler, Scott was a 2-time county, 2-time division and NYPSAA sectional tournament champion at 132/138 pound weight classes. Scott’s love for the sport of wrestling lead him into the world of coaching which he has been involved in for the past 15 years. His coaching career began in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, where he was a head youth coach and assistant high school coach. There he coached several young athletes who have gone on to compete at the Division 1 collegiate level.In 2002, Scott came to the fine state of Maryland where he and his family reside in the Ulmstead community of Arnold, MD. Scott has continued his commitment to the sport of wrestling and is currently the head varsity coach at Broadneck High School as well as the head coach of the Cape St. Claire youth wrestling program. Scott’s two sons, Collin and Cameron, both compete at a national level in wrestling under his tutelage as well as other members of the Maryland national teams.

Scott comes to Excellence In Fitness with the same passion for health and fitness as he does for wrestling. His goal as a personal trainer is to instill the same “I can” attitude in his clients when it comes to their goals just as he does with his wrestlers. Functionality, increased activity and confidence are all benefits that Scott feels he can bring to his clients lives. Watching a client break through mental and physical barriers are the most gratifying aspects of being a personal trainer for Scott. Scott knows from experience that the more you can push through those barriers, the more you can achieve – regardless of your individual goals.


Bobby C.

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Bobby Cooper lettered in football and basketball at South River High School. He graduated in 2008, and accepted an athletic scholarship to continue his football career at Old Dominion University. After spending two years there, Bobby decided to transfer to Shepherd University. During his three years at Shepherd, the football team won two conference championships in addition to reaching the NCAA Division 2 final four. As the starting quarterback, Bobby led the Rams to an overall record of 17-5. During his senior season, he was named team MVP and first team all-conference. He was also chosen to play in the Prograss International Scout Bowl which was held in Florence, Alabama.Bobby graduated from Shepherd in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Prior to joining the EIF team, he worked as a Performance Coach at Athletic Republic where he trained athletes of all ages. In addition to being CPR/AED certified Bobby is also a certified personal trainer through the National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA). Bobby also has experience at Excellence in Fitness as a client. In 2004 he was trained by the owner, Joe Aben, for his upcoming football season.


Earl A.

“Every client is a success story when they meet or exceed their fitness goals and are happy with their results.”

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Earl Anthony was born in Baltimore, MD and raised in Glen Burnie, MD.  Earl graduated from Glen Burnie Senior High in 1976 the year of the bicentennial.

After high school graduation, Earl attended Catonsville Community College and worked for the Koppers Company serving a four year apprenticeship in the career path as a Journeyman machinist.  His career continued working as a model maker (Journeyman machinist) at Westinghouse in Linthicum, MD.  For the last twenty three plus years Earl has been a machine shop instructor for Anne Arundel County Public Schools at Center of Applied Technology North.  He has earned his standard and advanced professional teaching certificates.  During his tenure in the school system he has mentored new teachers and has been a department chairperson for the last fourteen years.

Currently Earl has worked part time as a Personal Fitness Trainer holding the Personal Fitness Trainer and Weight Training Consultant Certifications.  He is also certified in CPR and Standard First Aid.

Earl is your 1-on-1 Personal Trainer to assist and educate you here at EIF so you can improve your total fitness, wellness and achieve your body of excellence.


Lisa G.

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Lisa Gyory, a Severna Park native, has always been interested in sports and fitness. She played in the Green Hornets league growing up and was a three sport athlete at Severna Park High School. Lisa played on the state championship Field Hockey and Lacrosse teams from 1981 to 1983. She also ran indoor track to keep in shape between seasons. She was a co-captain and All County for both squads and still holds the record for most field hockey goals in a season at Severna Park High School for the 1982 season.

Lisa attended the University of Richmond on a field hockey and lacrosse scholarship. After taking a hiatus for a year in the Caribbean on the island of Montserrat, she transferred to the University of Maryland where she studied Marketing. After college, Lisa began a career in the Hotel / Hospitality business and has worked in operations and sales at properties in Annapolis and on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. She is currently working full time as a National Sales Manager for Loews Hotels.

Lisa was an avid runner for years after college but after 22 years in the corporate world, she found herself 40 pounds overweight, stressed out and in need of a fitness program that would keep her focused and motivated after long days at work. Excellence in Fitness was the answer! After several months in the EIF training program as a client, Lisa achieved her goals of weight loss and increased strength. Her success in EIF’s Body of Excellence Program has allowed her to find her passion for running again and to participate in events like the Cherry Blossom 10-miler, Conestoga 10-mile trail run and the bike/running competition “Muddy Buddy.” Her greatest accomplishment since training at EIF has been participating in her first triathlon, the Dewey Beach Sprint Triathlon.

The Excellence in Fitness program has been such a positive experience for Lisa that she seamlessly made the transition into becoming a certified Professional Fitness Coach here. Lisa is a walking, talking example of what a difference EIF and getting in shape has made in her life. And she brings that passion from her life-changing experience in reclaiming her fitness in her mid- 40s to every client she works with. Lisa is Body of Excellence certified and is currently in the process of adding another certification through the National Strength Professionals Association.

See for yourself why we’ve won best personal trainers for 8 consecutive years.
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We asked clients why they are so happy . . .

In one word: professionalism. The Team listens to your personal goals, understand limitations and customize your program accordingly. Scott is my man and I couldn't be happier. The facilities are exceptionally clean, welcoming and yet make no mistake about it; there is a job to be done!


Individualized training. Knowledgeable, expert, and professional staff who are personable and focused on my conditioning. Clean environment and the equipment is always operable. The layout is designed to move me through a series circuit in a fashion that provides me the greatest impact for my time invested.

bob g.

The friendly trainers that greet you everyday. The fact that my workouts are planned by the time I walk in the door. The fact that the trainers track everything from weights per machine to even seat height. The trainers knowledge of body composition. 
The ability to adjust workouts to avoid sore knees or other injuries. Basically I love everything!

andrea l.
glen burnie, md

Personal and 1 on 1. Exercise plan that addresses my needs. Good communication. Value for the money. 1 session costs the same as a co-pay to the physical therapist with more attention. Short window to schedule appointments.

mike c.
severna park, md

I love all the trainers, no matter how humbling the experience is. After many years of lifting weights without much impact on physicality, I have been truly amazed at what Dave, Chris and sometimes Scott can do to both build my 60 year old bone density as well as sculpt my aging muscles. Not only do they coach you through the workout, they offer their healthy eating advice, depending on whether you want to gain or lose. I love these guys.

annapolis, md

Personalized attention. Scott and Dave really listen to and understand my fitness goals which have changed since I started back in mid-January. Losing 20 lbs in 3 months and moving towards getting back in shape have made me focus on getting fit, proper nutrition and participating in activities that I have not done in 15 years. These guys motivate and push you towards that next level.

chris r.
edgewater, md
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