Philosophy of Strength Training

The Philosophy of Strength Training

Two of the biggest things we at Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios believe in are empowering people to feel good about their health goals and using strength training to achieve that healthy lifestyle.

That means we’re not telling you to ‘hit the weights’ so we can walk away — rather there’s a fundamental reason behind the exercise that our professionals recommend to meet your health goals. We think of this as our Philosophy of Strength Training, and we wanted to share a little bit more about that with you.

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Your Body Is The Most Important

Strength training philosophy at EIF is always relative to you. Strength training exercises are selected to give you an optimal return on your effort while protecting your body as you grow in strength and determination.

The most visible part of this strength training theory is that younger individuals will receive a more rigorous plan initially because younger bodies are able to recover faster, often thanks to elasticity in their tendons, and they have a nervous system that’s operating a little quicker.

In most cases, older individuals won’t be able to push as hard as fast, but you’ll see significant gains by working on the areas of strength and mobility you need most. These strength training theories target your areas because they work with you based on your needs and your schedule — not some cookie cutter approach that assumes everyone is hitting the weights seven days a week.

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Healthy Joints, Happy You

A core strength training ideology includes flexibility training because stronger joints and connective tissue lead to less wear on your body.

Tendons must be strong enough to deliver force from muscles to your bones in order to move, and they have a built-in mechanism — called the Golgi tendon organ — that tells you to stop before the tendon is harmed. Ligaments have a similar “stop” command that comes from nerves, but these signals won’t prevent all joint

By making you stronger and slowly increasing the strain of your regimen, our goal is to help you increase strength while making your body less susceptible to the stresses and pains of tendonitis and osteoarthritis.

Balance in All Things

EIF focuses on a holistic approach to you, so our ideology behind strength training also takes a holistic focus. Muscle balance is a key factor guiding the overall activities and exercises we recommend because it’s equally important for someone older trying to stay active as it is for pro athletes at the height of their career.

If you overdevelop some muscles without balancing the rest, you’re putting yourself at greater risk of an injury. An imbalanced approach often leads to stress and pain in our most important joints: the knees and shoulders. These injuries can take a significant amount of time to recover from, and sometimes pain is permanent.

EIF professionals know the science behind strength training philosophy — such as your hamstring needing to be at least 60% as strong as your quadriceps — and it backs every decision we make when recommending a regimen.

Our theories behind strength training are designed to give you the best results in the safest, healthiest way. If you ever have a question about your exercise plan, ask your trainer during a session or contact us here.

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