COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

Excellence In Fitness was founded to help people become healthier and fitter in a comfortable, supportive and safe environment. In line with our commitment to making our studio a secure and welcoming place, we’ve put several key COVID-19 fitness safety guidelines and protocols in place. Please read on to learn more about the changes we’ve implemented.

Staggered Client Schedules

Unlike other gyms, our days at EIF have always been structured around private, one-on-one appointments. In light of COVID-19, we have expanded our approach to provide you with the safest and most socially distanced environment possible. To better facilitate privacy, we have completely restructured our scheduling system. All EIF appointments must be made in advance, in order to eliminate the risk of lines or larger groups showing up unexpectedly.

Parking Lot “Waiting Rooms”

When clients arrive for their appointments at the EIF parking lot, they will stay in their cars. After the studio has been cleaned adequately, a staff member will come outside to escort the client into the building. This brief waiting period enables our team to make sure everything is properly disinfected before allowing anyone new into our environment. It also encourages more social distancing between clients.

Screening of Incoming Clients

It is critical for everyone working out in our facility to feel well and be asymptomatic. Therefore, all clients will be asked to review and sign a self-screening questionnaire prior to every studio visit. This questionnaire will help ensure that the people at EIF are exhibiting no known indicators of coronavirus or flu.

Social Distancing Parameters

The CDC and other health officials recommend social distancing to lessen the likelihood of people spreading germs between one another. Coaches at EIF will physically distance themselves from clients at all times, providing verbal instruction and motivation instead of using a hands-on approach to train.

The only exception to this social distancing rule may be when coaches need to spot clients or provide similar assistance.

Virtual Appointments

Some clients may remain in quarantine, or simply not be able to attend EIF in-person trainings for other reasons. If you cannot get to our studio, we’ve made it convenient to get the personal training you deserve in an online format.

Our virtual EIF appointments give you the personalized feedback you enjoy without requiring you to leave your home. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about virtual coaching.

Face Masks as Essential Equipment

As the first line of defense and protection, everyone at EIF will be required to wear a mask at all times. The only time masks can be partially removed is to take a drink of water from a personal bottle.

EIF Is Committed to Safe COVID-19 Practices

EIF is not your typical bustling gym. This means we’re uniquely positioned to ensure you can have the utmost peace of mind while using our facility. With our controlled environment and new scheduling system, you won’t have to worry about a constant flow of people coming in and out of the building. Instead, you can plan on private, one-on-one appointments made ahead of time.

We’re making socially distanced fitness our new status-quo, and we can’t wait for you to join us. With social distancing at the forefront of our minds, EIF’s privacy and structure create an unmatched controlled environment for your peace of mind. We hope to see you in the studio or online soon, and we welcome the opportunity to be your fitness professionals.

Learn about Kelly’s experience returning to the studio post-quarantine:

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