Wellness vs. Health

January 14, 2020 By: Joe Aben Share This Post: Print:

Health and wellness go hand in hand, but they represent different concepts. Knowing the difference between health and wellness can help you map out a plan to get fit, enjoy life more and achieve your personal goals.

What Is Health?

First, we should examine how to best define health. Boiled down, health exemplifies how well our system responds to stimuli, as well as the overall effect and number of physical ailments.

For instance, someone in good health may have few chronic conditions, be able to easily lift weights of a certain amount and tackle a mild hike without many issues. However, someone in poor health might struggle with disease brought on by several factors.

Though we can attribute some aspects of health to circumstances or heredity, others directly relate to the actions we take. A good example of this is the person who eats a relatively clean, nutritious diet. He or she is setting the stage toward better health, even if unexpected medical conditions do arise.

What Is Wellness?

If health is the destination, wellness is the progress we take to reach the objective. When people say they want to achieve total wellness, they often refer to a combination of feeling good mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Wellness can, therefore, differ from person to person. Your definition of feeling “whole” may not necessarily be the same as your coworker’s, family member’s or neighbor’s definition.

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What Is the Relationship Between Health and Wellbeing?

Understanding the basics of health and wellness, as well as their primary concepts, can help you see how leading a healthy life can lead to heightened feelings of being well. For that reason, individuals need to take every step in their health journey seriously.

First, they should focus on what they put into their bodies, in terms of food and beverages. Treating most meals as an opportunity to fill up on energy-promoting fuel helps avoid eating empty calories and saturated fats.

Next, you should concentrate on getting enough movement into your days. Hiring a personal trainer and working out consistently improves the body’s ability to ward off some diseases and maintain a high degree of strength, agility and cardiovascular responses.

Finally, if you’re determined to take wellness seriously, you need to take the pulse of your lifestyle choices. Smoking cigarettes and overindulging in fatty foods or alcohol lead to known health problems. So, too, does burning the candle at both ends by not getting enough sleep or avoiding going to the doctor.

Can You Achieve Exceptional Health and Wellbeing?

The good news is that anyone can get better at leading a healthy, enriching life that promotes wellness on all levels. The benefits of concentrating on health are vast — and it doesn’t take long to see the results. Many people who are new to exercise start to recognize physical, intellectual and even emotional results in just a few weeks.

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Start by understanding what is the primary difference between the concepts of health and wellness. If you are striving to feel healthier and achieve wellbeing, why not hire a personal trainer? Contact Excellence in Fitness Personal Training Studios today to arrange an initial free consultation with a personal training professional in Maryland.

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