Weight Loss After Pregnancy

January 16, 2019 By: Joe Aben Share This Post: Print:

One big question many women have is how to lose weight after pregnancy. Weight loss after pregnancy can be a challenge, to be sure, but it is by no means an insurmountable one. You should expect to gain around 30 pounds during pregnancy, but many women gain and keep on more than they should. It’s important to lose that pregnancy weight, as it can bring with it all the risks you would expect from being overweight, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Fortunately, with the right approach, postpartum weight loss is definitely within your reach. Here are some useful tips when it comes to weight loss after pregnancy.

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1. Practice Good Nutrition

Going on a crash diet to quickly dump that extra weight is often a mistake. You are trying to recover from pregnancy and childbirth, so now is the worst time to deprive yourself of adequate nutrition, especially if you are breastfeeding. Simply cutting out a few hundred calories and burning a few hundred more with increased exercise can help you lose weight in a safe and natural way.

2. Breastfeed

If you can, breastfeed your child. It’s good for the baby and good for you. In addition to nourishing your baby and strengthening his or her immune system, it helps your uterus contract back to its normal size. Breastfeeding can also reduce your risks of diabetes, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and postnatal depression.

3. Eat High-Fiber Foods

Increasing your intake of soluble fiber can make you feel full faster and help with digestion, which can promote weight loss.

4. Eat Protein

Now is not the time to avoid protein. People who eat more protein tend to eat fewer overall calories, and protein can provide you with much-needed energy. Make sure to choose healthy proteins like fish, eggs, nuts and lean meats.

5. Keep Track of Calories

Healthy calorie reduction after pregnancy is usually about 500 fewer calories than usual. Keep a log or food diary so you know just how many calories you are consuming each day. Don’t forget to take into account how much you are burning with exercise.

6. Avoid Alcohol

After nine months of teetotaling, it may be tempting to jump right back into enjoying your favorite adult beverage, but you may want to wait a little longer. Alcohol adds calories, can lead to greater fat storage and can even reduce breast milk volume and transfer alcohol to your baby.

7. Exercise

A good diet and exercise program is key to weight loss for anybody in any situation. Be sure to include cardiovascular exercise for heart health.

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