Randy W.

“Been working out at EIF for just over 5 months. It’s been worth every penny. I was once very active in the gym and between having kids, a business or two and some prior health issues I had no shortage of excuses for skipping the gym. So I searched out a trainer and fixed appointments to both keep me motivated and frankly because I knew I’d go if I was paying more than a gym membership.
I looked at many options in the area and settled on EIF based on their reputation, individualized process, the others I looked at just seemed to be too cookie cutter and cared less what I wanted from my exercise.
Originally I planned on getting in the swing of things and then going back to working out on my own at a monthly gym.
I now look forward to working out and plan on continuing with EIF indefinitely. Not only do the trainers keep me pushing as hard as I can but they are knowledgeable and helpful on every subject from form, to diet to helping with injuries and preventing them.
I’ve gained muscle, lost weight, and considerably lowered my body fat. My energy levels are off the charts and it’s been very easy to accommodate the timing, no more excuses to skip the gym.
Joe has been very easy to work with on scheduling and tweaking my program when needed.
Highly recommend working with EIF whether you want to lose weight or move more weight….or both.”

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