Why More People Are Choosing Private Fitness Studios Over Traditional Gyms

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Traditional gyms can be a good place to socialize and start a beginner fitness program that is not tailored to your goals. You can show up when you want and work out for as long or short as you desire. That may sound nice, but unfortunately, it’s not an effective way to set or reach goals. Even those who are new to exercise should have results in mind for their initial sessions and the future.

Without any type of program, you’re less likely to hold yourself accountable and reach your goals. No one will notice whether you show up to a traditional gym. That’s why more people are deciding to work out at one-on-one training studios instead. With boutique personal training, workout plans can be tailored to your unique body type, fitness level, goals and abilities. Learn more about the differences between gyms and studios below and discover why the latter may be the best path for you.

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Private Personal Training Studios vs. Traditional Gyms

A boutique fitness studio is a small gym that offers personalized attention to every member. The difference between gyms and personal training lies in whether each workout is crafted for you. With personal training, sessions will be made with your fitness level in mind and focus on moving you toward your desired accomplishments.

Traditional gyms have open equipment, and visitors often have to wait to get onto machines like treadmills. At a boutique fitness studio, your workout will be predetermined, and all the equipment you need will be laid out for easy access. You’ll have a plan in place before you even set foot inside. At a traditional gym, on the other hand, you’d be left to your own devices, which could either result in a good workout or lead you to give up after five minutes.

You need motivation to continue your workout, and you’ll get that when you go to a boutique studio, where others will care about helping you improve. Here are four more reasons boutique fitness studios are the right choice for you.

1. Effectiveness

You can only achieve results if you start with a plan. At boutique fitness studios that offer one-on-one personal training, trainers develop a regimen for each individual on their roster. They’ll look at your strengths, weaknesses and goals, then help you improve based on these factors.

With a plan made to meet your goals, you’ll see results faster and with much less hassle. How can you tell if it’s working? You’ll know you follow an effective fitness routine if you can:

    • Lift heavier weights


    • Do more repetitions


    • Sleep more soundly at night


  • See extra definition in your muscles

2. Customer Service

In a fitness environment, providing excellent customer service means looking out for visitors’ needs before they know they have them. Good customer service might include having towels available for people to use post-workout or refilling the complimentary water bottles regularly. It means tending to customers’ questions and seeking answers for them right away.

Customer service also requires a great attitude and positive reinforcement. People who have just started a workout routine may feel vulnerable. They need encouragement to continue working toward their goals. Offering kudos before, during and after workouts can provide the small spark a person needs to return week after week.

At a boutique studio, it’s easier to offer these perks. A smaller number of customers means more one-on-one time for each individual. At a traditional gym, you may go weeks before someone at the front desk even acknowledges you.

3. Personalization

Achieving fitness goals depends heavily on following the right plan. If you have no plan, you’ll never get where you want to be. Too many people at traditional gyms have no clue where to start. They don’t meet with a personal trainer, so they don’t know the right and wrong way to do things. They may continue lifting weights the wrong way for months if no one corrects them. This lack of personalization can lead to frustration when the results are not forthcoming.

Boutique gyms offer a high level of personalization that regularly leads to success. Trainers tailor each workout to the individual. If you have stronger legs but a weaker core, your exercise routine will aim to address that disparity. Other benefits of a personalized workout include:

  • Motivation: Your trainer can encourage you and push you to achieve something you never dreamed possible.
  • Challenge: Many people don’t push themselves in a traditional gym because there’s no one watching their results. A personal trainer can help you safely push your limits.
  • Health monitoring: Too many people overdo it at the gym as soon as they start going. These individuals often get so burnt out that they don’t return. A boutique studio can help prevent burnout by offering workout plans that ramp up slowly and safely.

4. A Clean and Safe Environment

Cleanliness and safety have never been more critical, and boutique gyms have the time and dedication to focus on these measures. Traditional gyms can be huge, with dozens of cardio machines and free weights. It takes a lot of time to clean these components, and pieces can easily slip under the radar. Plus, with people coming in and out at all hours, designating a time to clean is often a challenge.

At boutique studios, there’s less equipment and fewer people touching that equipment, which makes it easier to create and stick to a cleaning plan. Client safety must be a top priority in these spaces, as each studio’s reputation depends on it. As a result, you’ll notice a high level of focus on your needs when you choose a boutique fitness studio over a gym.

Excellence In Fitness Provides Exceptional Value

Now that you know the advantages of a fitness studio vs. a gym, you’ll likely find it easy to make your choice. Try a session at a boutique fitness studio to see how it can benefit you and help you reach your fitness goals.

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