Overcoming Physical Limitations and Past/Current Injuries

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As someone who has suffered physical limitations or past or current injuries, you’ve probably contemplated the possibilities of enlisting the help of a personal trainer. To some, physical therapy may seem like the only option. However, personal trainers can also effectively help clients overcome physical limitations and injuries.

Before beginning an exercise regimen following an injury, you should be cleared by a physician to do so. Then, a personal trainer can design an exercise plan that fits within the framework of a rehabilitative program. Trainers must first have an understanding of the nature of your injury, what physical therapy routines have been designed to accomplish and what restrictions you may be under.

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The most common injuries that require physical therapy:

    • Joint/Muscle Pain


    • Back Pain


    • Sports Injuries


  • Headaches and Neck Pain

In addition to helping you work around an injury, a personal trainer will help you develop a training regimen that fits into your schedule. They’ll also select exercises with the capacity to strengthen your injured body part safely and effectively while offering emotional support and motivation along the way.

How Personal Training Can Help You Overcome Injuries and Physical Limitations

A personal trainer can help you return to exercise after injury in a way that’s beneficial to your overall health. If you’re suffering from an injury, a personal trainer will develop modified or alternate workouts that match your current abilities.

One way to overcome physical limitations in the form of exercise is to work with a personal trainer who can help you engage in workouts that protect the injured area. For example, if you’ve suffered a lower limb injury, a personal trainer will help you find an exercise that targets your upper body. Experienced, trained professionals will help you maintain your current fitness level — or exceed it — while you’re in the process of overcoming the setback.

Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or someone just getting into the swing of a regular exercise routine, a personal trainer will help keep your mind and body sharp while you prepare to get back in the game.

Return to Exercise After Injury With One-On-One Personal Training

At Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios, we offer one-on-one personal training in a private and professional training studio. Our personalized one-on-one fitness training is completely customized to each client’s goals and needs in an environment where they can feel comfortable.

We’ll strive to empower you with the tools you need for success — emotional support, accountability, education, awareness and expert individualized fitness instruction. We offer a 100% results-based money-back guarantee for all of our Body of Excellence, or BX, programs.

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Are you ready to return to exercise after an injury? If so, we can provide you with enthusiastic and passionate trainers. Our team is committed to providing one-on-one training services that help adults of all ages become healthier, happier versions of themselves. Our programs for adults over 50 are especially helpful for clients striving to stay healthy, prevent injury or even recover from injuries as they age.

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