Your First Training Session

Beginning Your Personal Fitness Journey

At your first official personal training session, you’ll meet the “Team” and your personal fitness coach who will work together with you for establishing realistic goals and putting them on a timeline for you.

Here’s what you can expect during your first personal training session:

1. Baseline Evaluation

First, we will perform your baseline evaluation – which includes “before” reference photographs and your body composition analysis with our Tanita Health WareTM Software. Our Tanita scale is a highly accurate and personalized method for measuring bodyweight, bmi, bodyfat %, hydration level, bone mass and metabolic rate. Our scale is not intrusive (no pinching, squeezing or tape measuring) and takes about 3 seconds to complete.

2. Body Of Excellence Resistance Training Protocol

The exercise portion of your first official personal training session consists of introducing our Body of Excellence Protocol to you. Safety is our first and foremost concern, so we want you to feel comfortable and have the confidence to perform each exercise with the strictest form. We will demonstrate each movement and thoroughly explain proper positioning, alignment, breathing, technique and pace. We’ll identify your strengths, weaknesses and imbalances and implement a very customized plan which combines resistance training, flexibility, cardiovascular exercises and injury prevention. We are right there with you – closely guiding, monitoring, motivating you through every repetition of every exercise of every workout.

3. Documentation of Progress

We keep meticulous records in a private workout journal for you – documenting the order of the exercises, seat settings, weights and reps. We also keep track of any feedback you provide us to help modify and “evolve” your program. Educating our clients is a big part of our philosophy at Excellence In Fitness and that starts with your first session. We not only will instruct you with the correct exercise form but also teach you about proper nutritional habits, functional movements, stretching exercises, and hold you accountable by assigning “homework” to guarantee success.

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Our clients consistently rate us five stars.

We share a vision to live a stronger, healthier, happier life. Because of the 1-on-1 attention you receive and the workout routine tailored to your needs, every minute of your visit is highly efficient. Our clients agree!

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