BX Scholarship for High School Students

EIF Scholarship

Turn your sweat into cash for college with a $500 scholarship from Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios, and also win 10 Personal Training Sessions to gift to your Mom, Dad or someone you love.

Erin and Joe Aben, owners of Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios are passionate about helping people look and feel as good as they can about themselves. They are offering a Body of Excellence Scholarship for high-school seniors who are dedicated to being healthy and fit. To apply for the Body of Excellence Scholarship, a graduating high-school senior must submit a 500-word essay which addresses the following topics:

  • How exercising, eating healthy, and living a well-balanced life has been
    important to them during high-school.
  • How they plan to continue living this lifestyle in college and sustain these
    habits for a lifetime.
  • How they plan to impact others and help them live a healthy life.
  • Applicants must demonstrate knowledge of wellness and the human body
    and why healthy living is a lifetime endeavor.

Please send entries to erin@eifstudios.com and be sure to include you address, phone number and the high-school you are currently attending on or before April 15, 2021. After receiving the submissions, a review committee of EIF Professional Fitness Coaches will select the winner. One scholarship award winner will receive $500 to be used towards their education. Winners will be announced on May 15th, 2021, by the Excellence In Fitness Team.

* Applicants must be willing to share their story on our website and social media sites.


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