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Time-efficient, science-based workouts tailored to your exact needs

We know your time and health are extremely valuable. That’s why we maximize your fitness levels while simultaneously reducing your workout time. We help our clients see results in just minutes per week. That’s a claim several personal training gyms in Annapolis and Millersville, MD make, but we’re the only one backing it up by pairing each member with their very own fitness expert during every single visit to Excellence In Fitness.

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“To educate, motivate and empower our clients to achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals. We strive to help our clients be the very best they can be… inside and out.”

The Best 30 Minutes of Your Day

At every visit, every exercise and every activity, you’ll be expertly guided, monitored and motivated by a fitness professional who utilizes a proven comprehensive plan to make your efforts count. If you’re looking for dedicated personal training near Severna Park, MD, rest assured that from day one, you’ll be working on your personal fitness goals using a plan tailored to you.

The best part is you’re not alone. The other members have their own trainers as well, so every trip to EIF feels like a team effort. No one has to feel intimidated. No one seems out of place. No one has to worry about drawing unwanted attention either — all common problems at other facilities. Each trainer at EIF is dedicated to you and helping you reach your personal goals. At EIF, there is nothing to interfere with your fitness goals.

Get the benefits of the best personal training near Pasadena, Severna Park and Millersville. For every session, you’ll have your dedicated fitness trainer helping you reach your goals. You’ll appreciate that our club is never crowded, and you won’t waste your time waiting for equipment to open up. At EIF, you’ll enjoy an inviting, easy atmosphere, from the plenty of parking always available to the friendly staff who greets you when you walk in the door.

No hidden fees, no additional membership fees! Every visit is by appointment scheduled on a recurring basis. Every visit includes a full-body workout, emotional support, education, accountability, awareness and expert individualized fitness instruction.

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Our clients consistently rate us five stars.

We share a vision to live a stronger, healthier, happier life. Because of the 1-on-1 attention you receive and the workout routine tailored to your needs, every minute of your visit is highly efficient. Our clients agree!

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Meet Joe Aben

EIF Founder, Joe Aben grew up in southern Anne Arundel County on a 25-acre buffalo farm and attended St. Mary’s Elementary School in Annapolis, MD.  His parents’ passion for physical fitness naturally trickled down to Joe with early involvement in lacrosse, track, soccer and basketball.

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